Amidst all this Covid-19, we at Best Budget Boiler and Plumbing would like to inform you:

  • We keep all our staff sanitary, and constantly washing their hands
  • We disinfect all the surfaces we work on
  • We still provide all the services we provided before

We would also like to thank you for staying safe and staying inside. If you feel any cold symptoms, have a fever, runny nose, and or coughing let us know please it is imperative that we take the necessary caution to not spread the virus. 

NOTE: We will still offer some services if symptoms are present, we understand the importance of certain services during these times

About Us

We are proud to let you know that we have been a Canadian company for 9 years now. We pride ourselves in providing quality Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling services for a great affordable price. Working within the greater Calgary area, we are a trusted company that many choose to use for their furnace repairs, hot water tank check ups, boiler installations and more. Ever since the beginning, Best Budget Boiler and Plumbing Inc. has only hired skilled technicians to insure quality (Red Seal plumber’s and Red Seal gas fitter’s). Recently we have been providing internships for people; but don’t worry at all as they are accompanied by a master technician.

What is a Red Seal Plumber?

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Gela D

Gela D

Google Review

"Great experience with Best Budget Boiler! They had perfect solutions for us to replace our old furnace and water tank with new high efficiency ones..."



Google Review

"We had our power vent hot water tank installed by these guys. Very punctual, and respectful. They did a very neat and tidy job. Highly recommend them."

Haroon M

Haroon M

Google Review

"One of the few contractors who lived up to their word, Mak did our HVAC unit for the new shop , the heating and ac unit. Did it on time and in a professional manner. We Highly recommend Best Budge Boiler and Plumbing."



The boiler is different form the furnace. Boiler has two parts, furnace part and hydronic part. For the boiler troubleshooting we should have having a good understanding of the system. A boiler does not have Read more…


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Issue #1: Furnace does not start. Check the power line if power comes to the furnace, check the On-Off switch Check the incoming voltage make sure is 120-128 volt range Check if 24 volt comes out Read more…

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