Make Up Air System(MUA)

Standard makeup air units are designed to provide a building with tempered fresh air, both heated and cooled, to offset air that is exhausted by other mechanical means. … Reaching high Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is the main driver behind the need for makeup air units.

Advantages of MUA: 

A standard MUA brings in fresh air into corridors to help maintain positive pressure. The MUA also ensures efficient performance of exhaust systems, improves indoor air quality, reduces workload on your HVAC system and can save you money on your energy bills

 Maintenance Program/Service for Make-Up Air Units: 

An Important Component in Achieving Energy Efficiency,resident comfort and utility energy cost saving all largely depend on the age, quality and maintenance of your heating and ventilation equipment. The MUA is an essential part of a building’s mechanical system.

Grease MUA is not “set it and forget it”. They require ongoing maintenance and regular cleaning.

Why it is better to have a maintenance contract for MUA system?

“When you are planning to pay less for a service maintenance for sure it is significantly less than the cost for unplanned system failure and break down.”

Our HVAC preventive maintenance plans can provide peace of mind in customers with :

  • Using and enjoying the best quality air.
  • Prevent from paying unexpected cost for replacement. 
  • Extended equipment life
  • Optimum comfort conditions
  • Outsourcing responsibility of maintenance
  • Reduced system downtime
  • Lower expenses in long term

Make Up Air SystemSE
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Make Up Air Installation  Clearance

Structure Minimum Clearance
Door, Window or gravity inlet                                 4 ft. (1.2 m) below
                                                                                        4 ft. (1.2 m) horizontally
                                                                                        1 ft. (305 mm) above
Forced air inlet within                                              10 ft. (3m) 3 ft. (.91 m) above
Adjoining building or parapet                                 6 ft. (1.8 m)
Adjacent public walkways                                         7 ft. (2.1 m) above grade

Make Up Air System Cost 

An Installation of a make up air system is vary from site to site, but it coud be somewhere from 16000$ to more than 100,000$.

Direct Gas Fired Heated Make Up Air Unit with 10″ Blower

The Direct Gas Fired Make-Up Air package is designed to deliver tempered make-up air for installations requiring frequent air changes. Units are designed for natural and propane gas applications, and for indoor or Outdoor

In every commercial or restaurant kitchen ventilation system, the same amount of air that is ventilated out must be replaced by fresh air that comes back in. This is accomplished via a make-up air unit. If a proper air balance isn’t maintained, the building pressure can become negative causing problems such as poor exhaust fan performance or grease and smoke spillage from the hood.

A full-service commercial kitchen cannot rely solely on their HVAC system to supply all of the necessary air to maintain balanced kitchen airflow, so a make-up air unit is needed. Typically, 80% of your makeup air will come from a make up air unit, and the other 20% will come from your building’s HVAC system. Best Budget Boiler and Plumbing  supplies and install top of the line make-up air units to give your kitchen ventilation system balanced airflow and fresh air gifted to your customers.

We have more than 10 years installing different Make Up ir system in different projects and different locations.

Installing a make up air system need a professional team who knows , Mechanical Installation , Electrical Installation , Roofing team and expert to prevent any leak in roof and ceiling down the road in heavy rain and snow in winter , HVAC team for ducting and a plumber and gasfitting team complete and wrap up the project successfully.

We install a variety of commercial makeup air system and  fans , filters to cover all your restaurant’s make-up air and HVAC needs; and we offer both tempered and untemepered units. A tempered, or heated, make up air unit is recommended anywhere the winter temperature falls below freezing, including the northern half of the United States and all of Canada. 

Our kitchen make-up air units have a compact, open drip-proof and weatherproof design with an optional sloped filtered intake. They provide makeup air for a variety of commercial and institutional kitchen applications and are available in capacities from 2000 to 5500 CFM for 10”, 12”, 15” and 18” blowers. Our commercial makeup air units are designed in compliance with NFPA 96 fire codes and are industry leading in performance and durability for commercial kitchen applications. All of our make-up air units are ETL and UL listed.

Food Trucks and trailers also need make-up air replacement. For food truck applications we recommend the Economy Make-Up Air Fan with 14” Wheel that can be installed on top the roof of your truck.

In addition to providing necessary replacement air, a kitchen makeup air unit can also help keep cooking odors in the kitchen and out of your dining room. Kitchen makeup air units increase kitchen operation efficiency by reducing energy consumption, minimizing wear and tear on your exhaust hood and maintaining a comfortable working environment for your employees.

Project Steps

  1. Making contract and agreements on projects

  2. Design System and plan for projects

  3. Ordering unit from our suppliers

  4. Getting city permit 

  5. Cutting roof and preparing for installation ( Roofing sub)

  6. Installing curb

  7. Doing HVAC duct sheet metal works ( Sheet Metal sub)

  8. Doing electrical works ( sub )

  9. Transport MUA units with carne to site

  10. Install 

  11. Complete electrical job 

  12. Complete sheet metal works

  13. Install exhaust fan 

  14. Commissioning and start up 

BBB Plumbing Inc. has been installed many MUA projects in both residential and commercial building and office in Calgary city for more than 10 years. Contact us today at (587) 433-3335 or click here for more information or to request a bid.