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Air Conditioning and Ductless Installation Calgary

The Air Conditioning XR14 A/C system has a SEER rating of up to 16.00, making it an excellent choice for home comfort and for earning energy-efficiency tax credits.

The latest introduction to our air conditioning line, providing homeowners with excellent comfort and savings.  The Silver 14’s design provides your home with the reliable cooling you would Trane and the efficiency you require from a new central air conditioning unit.

The Trane Air Conditioning highlight

  • By surpassing government efficiency standards, you can save up to 50 percent on your cooling energy usage while reducing greenhouse gas emissions* with this central air conditioning unit.
  • This central air system’s design is an economical option for efficient and reliable cooling.
  • Cools with an environmentally friendly refrigerant that is ozone-safe.
  • This A/C unit’s rust-resistant coating, screws and basepan protect your system from the elements.
  • 10 Years Part and Labor fully warrantied. (10 years long no worry about any furnace issue at all)
  • Every year free services.
  • One programmable thermostat.

Air condoning installation with Furnace or ductless are available by option of heat pump or just a cooling system. Weather you are looking for 220 v or 120 v series we make sure you are getting right product that you need. We make sure you get right cool lost calculation to get the proper size of  cooling system. The other important service point  we are guaranteed our customer after we install the air conditioner every year provide prompt services and not guarantee of same day services.

The 16 SEER Ductless Heat Pump features a DC inverted for high efficiency and lower fuel bills. Superior operation drastically reduces noise.

For our air conditioning system we are doing the following:

  1. Set up the out side unit
  2. Electrical work  with certified trade person
  3. Thermostat set up
  4. Line set installation
  5. Quality Brazing work
  6. Nitrogen Test and Cleaning
  7. Vacuum till under 300 micron
  8. Recharge staring with high pressure refrigerant line
  9. Test the system

If you have an emergency, we can have someone at your door within 4 hours. We respond to you within 30 minutes within business hours – and that’s just emails.

We install new central air and ductless AC systems, and will help you find the right system for your needs. Just tell us your budget, efficiency requirements and the size of your home and we’ll provide the perfect system for the job. We install Goodman American Standard and Napoleon systems because of their excellent reliability. Why bake in Calgary’s oven-like conditions all summer when you can stay cool and refreshed through the worst of the heat!

We provide air conditioning services for any make or model of air conditioner system you can find in Calgary.

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