Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation and Services

Installation of American Standard 2 stage, ECM motor with saving over 50% of gas and electricity when converting from mid efficient unit to this new one.

We install our main product as American Standard Furnace.

“American Standard owners have saved an average of 33% per year Savings based on customers who currently have a 60 AFUE unit.”

We are offering great financial deal with low monthly payment. All our products are efficient and approved energy star. Using American Standard furnace with ECM Constant Torque, high-efficiency motor – electrically efficient. Based on Alberta Energy Efficiency (https://www.efficiencyalberta.ca/online-rebates/furnaces-with-ecms/) Furnace with high efficiency motor (ECM)

Purchasing a furnace with a high efficiency motor (electronically commutated motor or ECM) can save 15% of your electricity use.

We offer 10 years parts and labor warranty.

Our great partner is AIG insurance.

BBB Plumbing offers a free WiFi Honeywell Lyric 6pro when you are buying a new furnace installation from us.

 Our checklist for installation

  1. heat loss calculation:  with this you will get right size of furnace neither under size nor over size
  2. double check your duct size:  if your duct size is not proper size you do get enough heat or get a lot of noises.
  3. air balance of the heat and return:  if necessary we increase or decrease your venting size to have balanced heat everywhere in your house
  4. fresh air check: we double check your house to your house receive fresh oxygen for new furnace since the high efficiency furnace works based on air circulation in your house.
  5. return air check: all your confined spot need to have return air for that it necessary to have air return everywhere
  6. Co level check to every where in your house: with our advanced technology of mono oxide detector we double check all your house for co in case of not detecting by your own co detector.
  7. furnace installed
  8. summer switch installed: for extra air circulation in the house
  9. install free digital thermostat
  10. gas leak check for the all appliances in the house
  11. cocking the furnace: not all the company does and know clocking. This is very important to you in term of your safety and having efficient unit.
  12. permit and inspection: to make sure for the owner everything is by city code, and covered by your insurance company.
  13. handing 10 years warranty to the owner: to take advantage of all the warranty benefits.

We also use other Brands if our customer wish to:

American Standard, Trane productNapoleonGoodmanAir Flo

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